Unfortunately, I was unable to recover the archives of every font that was originally available on the old ProggyFonts domain (indicated by a grayed out download icon). If you happen to have a copy and would like to make it available to the community again, please contact me. I’m sure the community would appreciate it!

Bitmap Font
TrueType Font
PCF Font
Mac Font
Font Info
Code Sample
Proggy Clean
Proggy Square
Proggy Small
Proggy Tiny
Proggy Clean (Slashed Zero)
Proggy Square (Slashed Zero)
Proggy Tiny (Slashed Zero)
Proggy Clean (Slashed Zero / Bold Punctuation)
Proggy Square (Bold Punctuation)
Proggy Tiny (Bold Punctuation)
Proggy Clean (Centered Punctuation)
CG Mono
Coding Font Tobi
Proggy Opti
Proggy Opti Small
Proggy Opti (Bold Punctuation)
Proggy Opti Small (Bold Punctuation)
Pixel Carnage
Webby Small
Webby Caps